IITians Technology presents a beginner level of manual Xbee robotics workshop, specially designed for the hobbyist wishing to just enter in the field of Robotics. This workshop would deal with understanding the basic parts of a Robot and applying the same with kits provided by IITians Technology, at the end of 1st day session, participants would be able to build a switch controlled robot car and other models. 


Session 1: Introduction

• Introduction to Robotics
• Robotics and its application
• Definition, of the Robots
• Future of Robotics
• Basic Parts for build a robot
• Mechanical Structure
• Power Supply
• Motors
• DC Motors: Construction & Characteristics

Session-2: Basic Electronics & Motor Driver Using H-Bridge
• Basic Electronics Component
• Fundamental of Electronics Component
• Resistor
• Transistor
• Capacitor
• Diode
• DC Motor Drivers
• H-Bridge Motor Driver
• Working of H-bridge & Concept
• L293D Motor driver IC
• Internal Circuit of IC
• Hands on Session for H-Bridge interfacing

Session-3: Introduction to microcontroller
• What is microcontroller?
• Difference Between microcontroller & microprocessor?
• Introduction to Atmega 8 /16 microcontroller
• Architecture of the AVR Microcontroller
• How can we use an own microcontroller in our own circuit?
• How to use I/O of the microcontroller
• UART and USART Protocol
• How to use USART in AVR
• USART Register

Session 4: Introduction to Embedded C Programming & Wireless Communication
• Embedded C Programming for the Microcontroller
• Introduction to AVR Studio and Win AVR
• Introduction to C ,Flow Control and function
• Program structure and debugging
• How to programme a microcontroller
• RF Communication
• General Purpose RF Module 315 Mhz,433 Mhz
• Xbee Protocal
• Types of Xbee module available in Indian market and with features & Uses

Session 5: Xbee Configurations
• Xbee Communication setup building with AVR Microcontroller
• Xbee -one to One Communication(unicasting)
• Xbee -one to many communication (multicasting)
• Xbee-one to all communication(broadcasting)
• Configuring with X-CTU
• Interfacing of xbee module with microcontroller

Session 6:Building various wireless projects using xbee and AVR Controller
• Writing and burning xbee Controlled robot Program and Testing and debugging xbee Controlled robot Program