Gesture Controlled Robotics:
Today human-machine interaction is moving away from mouse and pen and is becoming pervasive and much more compatible with the physical world. With each passing day the gap between machines and humans is being reduced with the introduction of new technologies to ease the standard of living. Gestures have played a vital role in diminishing this abyss. In this paper, a rigorous analysis of different techniques of "Human-Machine Interaction" using gestures has been presented. Gestures can be captured with the help of an accelerometer, however, with the evolution of smartphone its independent usage has been rendered useless. This paper analyzes the motion technology to capture gestures through an android smartphone with an inbuilt accelerometer and a Bluetooth module to control the kinetics of a robot.



Session 1: Introduction
• Introduction to Robotics
• Robotics and its application
• Definition, of the Robots
• Future of Robotics
• Basic Parts for build a robot
• Mechanical Structure
• Power Supply
• Motors
• DC Motors: Construction & Characteristics

Session-2: Motor Driver Using H-Bridge
• DC Motor Drivers
• H-Bridge Motor Driver
• Working of H-bridge & Concept
• L293D Motor driver IC
• Internal Circuit of IC
• Hands on Session for H-Bridge interfacing

Session-3: Introduction to microcontroller & LCD
• What is microcontroller?
• Difference Between microcontroller & microprocessor?
• Introduction to Atmega 8 /16 microcontroller
• Architecture of the AVR Microcontroller
• How can we use an own microcontroller in our own circuit?
• Pin description of the microcontroller
• How to use I/O of the microcontroller
• Introduction to 16X2 LCD
• Interfacing of LCD with the microcontroller
• Programming for LCD
• How to print char and int. On LCD

Session 4: Introduction to Embedded C Programming & Accelerometer
• Introduction to Accelerometer
• Working principle of the Accelerometer
• Interfacing of Accelerometer with the microcontroller
• Writing Embedded 'c' programme control application using Accelerometer
• Embedded C Programming for the Microcontroller
• Introduction to AVR Studio and Win AVR
• Introduction to C ,Flow Control and function
• Program structure and debugging
• How to programme a microcontroller

Session 5: Projects & Testing
• Writing and burning of Program for LCD & ADC
• Testing and debugging of the Program
• Writing and burning Accelerometer controlled robot Program
• Testing and debugging Program