What Is Training?

Training refers to work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation.

To apply student's theoretical and practical knowledge in real working environment.

To involve student with organization activities.

To formally evaluate the student's capabilities in communication.

What will you get from Training?

Relevant work place training will provide students valuable basic skills, which will give you a competitive edge in today's job market, including soft skills i.e. communication, negotiating etc.

Generic Skills:
The opportunity to develop the general skills.

You will have the chance to begin to establish a network of professional contacts.

You will gain increased maturity and understanding of the workplace, and a better understanding of your own career goals.

Occupational Research:
You will have the chance to evaluate companies for which you might wish to work, or make decisions about which particular aspect of the software/hardware industry you enjoy.

Relevant learning:
When you resume your studies, they will have more relevance, which will lead to more effective and motivated learning.

Graduate employment:
Many companies use work experience placements as part of their graduate recruitment strategy, and a good performance during work experience may land you an offer of graduate employment.